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Music Junction Academy

Pune is a cultural city where all major art forms had been dwelling since ages. While working on the band’s projects, the founding members of the band The State Bus (Milind Shegokar, Samuel Joshua and Milan Meitei) decided to start a music academy with a purpose to spread music in the best of their abilities. Milind says, “Thus, we came up with Music Junction which is located near Delhi Public School, Undri, Pune. It’s been one successful year of operation and we have students of age ranging from 5 to 45 years. We train kids so that they can take up music as a profession in the future. We also have some students, who enroll with us for fun learning.”


He adds, “We are so lucky that despite doing zero marketing, we have been getting students by mouth-to-mouth publicity. There have been situations when an entire family has enrolled with us to learn various instruments and they intend to form a family band, in that way. We have some students, who had been coming for healing and meditative purposes too. There is a female student, who was suffering from tremendous migraine issues. She had a great liking for guitar and she started learning from basics from Milan and within the span, on 3 months she started feeling better. A vocal student from our academy went out to participate in an interschool singing competition at Mumbai and Allahabad and stood third.”

The majority of their students are kids from 5 years to 15 years of age. He insists, “We believe that any art form should be taught in a way that it interests kids. Today’s kids are very smart but they lack patience sometimes. And every art form needs patience the most. Remember, the syllabus part is totally different and one can always pass tests with minimum criteria in a fixed timeline. But when you talk about excelling in an art form, it needs practice and patience and that’s what we advise our students and their parents to remain focused.

Right now, Music Junction is offering courses in Vocals/Guitar/Drums/Percussions and Keys and they are planning to add flute and violin in the coming days. They also intend to open one more branch by the year-end.

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