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This Joke Could be a Future Technological Breakthrough

I would like to talk about – This Joke Could be a Future Technological Breakthrough, for today. Referring to my friend, Gayatri’s blogpost – Myths Prevailing as I was Growing Up; I want to take this article further.


This Joke Could be a Future Technological Breakthrough

Some years back I had read a ‘joke’ about a girl, who had visited the shop where she had bought a laptop. She had brought her old laptop as well and told the shopkeeper that the laptop that she had bought was not working. To prove her point, she used a mouse to copy a file from her old laptop and disconnected the device to paste the file in the new laptop. Obviously, the file did not appear in the new laptop. The shopkeeper was flabbergasted!

I know this sounds funny, right now. But I assure you that this kind of device will not remain a hilarious past for long, given the pace of the technological development. I have referred to my friend’s blogpost in the beginning of this article. I would also like to refer to a few other myths in the field of Science, to add some weightage to my argument.

Nicolaus Copernicus in the late 15th century proved that the prevalent model of the universe that the earth is flat and is the center of the universe, wrong. Charles Darwin put forth the theory of evolution by natural selection, dismissing the pre-Darwinian concept of spontaneous generation or formation of life from inanimate objects!

Who knew in the beginning of the 20th century that within a 100 years, we would be moving around with small handheld devices called mobiles and these devices would evolve into smartphones that can perform several functions, we never ever dreamt of. Technology is absolutely unpredictable. I rest my case! (Taking a bow!)


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