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Makar Shankaranti Guidance Readings (Part IV)

Sun will be transiting to the moon sign Capricorn on January 14, 2022. Though we share readings for the Sun signs, this post is an experiment on how the transition will affect the Sun signs. Today, we share the Makar Shankaranti Guidance Readings (Part IV), by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the fourth and the last part of the post.


Makar Shankaranti Guidance Readings (Part IV)


The Almighty is in the process of taking away your problems. You are under His guidance. Someone you trust will help increase your confidence in deciding something. The Divine will increase your creativity. Allow yourself to glow in these positive vibes. The angels are relieving your confusion and clearing the obstacles on your path. The bottom line is trusting the Lord Almighty and being charitable and self-confident will help you in the long run.


Giving should not be reluctant. Take care of your belongings for you might lose them. Also, be ready for betrayal from some people you might trust. Think before you decide anything. Do not be impetuous.


The cards reveal new projects coming your way and financial security. You will attract fortune according to your current Karmic activities and will encounter miraculous happenings. The chaos around you might be distracting. Some projects might get delayed. However, being patient will take you forward in some time. Divine support will take you on the right path.


Avoid leaving any activity halfway. Watch for the cosmic messages flashing around you and plan on your intuitive thoughts to take the right decisions, going further.


Several Pisceans will encounter a highly active phase in life. The Almighty is in the process of removing the obstacles on your path. You will receive Divine revelations that will pave new routes in your lives. A positive attitude and the Divinity will help you complete pending projects and imminent voyages. Changes are in the offing and will make your life better.


Discover new paths to achieve great progress in professional and personal lives. Trust the Almighty for a good future. Absorb His positive energy and wish for what you really want and it will happen.

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Sundaravalli would be happy in replying to personalized queries. You can contact her at


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