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Hiring for Different Job-Profiles
Hiring for Different Job-Profiles

Hiring for Different Job-Profiles

Some time ago, A Journalist Reveals has been wondering how companies have been hiring for different job-profiles, particularly for sensitive profiles like those handling money and the companies’ products. We were on the lookout for someone who would enlighten us about the issue. We found Himani Gupta and Heena Mann from http://teamrecruit.in/ and they were good enough to share their experiences with us. Excerpts from the interview:

When a company approaches you for hiring for different job-profiles, what do they ask you to do?

Majority of them ask us to find them a candidate, who has a learning attitude. Our task is to find them the right employee, who can contribute to their organization and can create value through their work.

When you ask someone to apply for these posts, they are complete strangers to you and the companies. How do you trust them that whatever they have shared is true?

They have to earn our trust. We probe them on the work that they have been doing and have done in the past. We ask them real-time questions related to the challenges they face in their day to day life. Basis all of that we make a choice. We also let our intuition guide us.

Hiring for Different Job-Profiles
Himani and Heena

Should any police verification be done for these candidates?

Not for every profile. We don’t do a police verification for all our candidates. But yes, we do reference checks for most of them where in we talk to their managers, co-workers and/or seniors from the previous organization (s) and get feedback on their performance, attitude, contributions they have made as an employee. The clients usually don’t ask us to do police verification as the documents and ID proofs submitted by the employee (at the time of joining) and the reference checks done by us gives them an idea of the candidate’s background.

Some of the profiles where verification is needed are mentioned below:

Field Sales

Sale Consultant

Art Consultant

Data entry

What about people from the accounts department?

We haven’t done police verifications for accountants, financial services. This is also because we have never hired accountants for our clients. A profile like an accountant doesn’t need police verification. A refer check on their work is substantial.

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