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Trip to Thanthonri

Our editor, Yashaswini asked us if we would be comfortable going on a trip to the south. We planned this all expenses paid official Trip to Thanthonri, on a sudden impulse.


Trip to Thanthonri

The nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli. But because it was a sudden trip, we didn’t get a direct flight to Trichy. We scanned all the travel apps for this purpose. Then, my daughter, Gayatri, and I went to the airport directly to get the tickets, on April 1. Only IndiGo serves this route. At the counter, we got to know what we already knew. Changing flights would be inconvenient for me.

On a sudden impulse, I suggested if there was a direct flight to Coimbatore and we could return via Tiruchirappalli. We got confirmed tickets for the next day for both my daughters and me.

We didn’t get senior citizen discount at the counter. The girl at the counter told us that such discount was available only on the apps. However, our seats were confirmed because we went to the counter to book the tickets.

Web- checkin is required at least one hour before physical checkin. I, being a wheelchair passenger, we didn’t get the online boarding pass for me. That done, we couldn’t book food beforehand. It requires additional payment. On the flight, Upma, Poha, etc. are chargeable at Rs.400, each.

The next day, we were supposed to book my wheelchair for the trip beforehand. We didn’t know that. But the staff was cooperative and helped us with one on the trip to Coimbatore. The girl at the counter, gave our boarding passes told us to book it beforehand the moment we reach our hotel.

To be continued…


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