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Trip to Thanthonri (Part II)

After our editor, Yashaswini, decided to send us on an all expenses paid official trip to the south, this Trip to Thanthonri (Part II) happened. It was decided on the spur of the moment.


Trip to Thanthonri (Part II)

We had left for the airport, early morning because we had to be there at least 2 hours before physical checkin. Before that we hurried to pack everything required for the trip. My daughter, Bhavani, lives on the fourth floor. The building is without lift. If I have to go out, a stairclimber is required. But on the day we started for the trip, we couldn’t request for it because we were leaving early in the morning. As my daughters took the luggage to the ground floor, I carefully climbed down the steps.

We travelled to the airport via Uber. I walked to the lugggage counter and they got a wheelchair for me. We boarded the flight and landed in Coimbatore. We were hungry. We hadn’t had food properly even the previous night because of the excitement of the trip.

At Coimbatore, we got an airport cab. We told the driver to take us to the nearest vegetarian restaurant. There are 2 restaurants nearest – Annapurna’s and Ananda Bhavan, nearest. The driver Took us to Ananda Bhavan. We ordered Masala Dosa for me, paper roast for Gayatri and paper roast and Masala Dosa for Bhavani. Bhavani wanted to taste South Indian dishes in the south. Gayatri and I had at least been to the south 12 years ago. But Bhavani hadn’t been to the south for several years now.

We had just finished our food and were about to pay the bill when Bhavani saw my sister’s husband and was shocked. Gayatri saw my sister, Meera, returning from the water taps and called out.

Meera stays at Bangalore and was in Coimbatore because there were some repairs being done at their villa in the outskirts of Coimbatore. We hadn’t met for several years now. The coincidence was too much and overwhelming for us. We would have taken a flight to Trichy. But we didn’t get a non-stop one to the city.

To be continued…


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