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Myths Prevailing as I was Growing Up

While I was growing up, I had been observing different things and found them repulsive in various ways. Today, I am sharing a list of such myths prevalent in those days.


1. Soaps cannot get dirty: I saw this sentence as a joke in one of the leading newspapers when I was growing up. Being a Science student, I thought it to be odd. If the same soap is used by different people, I am not talking about the brand, the dirt from one person travels to the other. This has been proved now as a liquid hand wash advert keeps flashing this information.

2. Tap Water has Good Taste: During college, other girls did not drink water from my bottle. The reason – Boiled water did not have the right taste! It was as well for me because if others would take water from my bottle, I would have to have tap water. Tap water has chlorine and microorganisms that can affect our health. We had studied this in school. I wonder, how the other girls had forgotten about it. Now, it has been proved that boiled water is good for the health. And there are several water purifiers in the market, as well, to do the job.

3. Boys cannot be Raped: This myth was prevalent even till about 4-5 years ago. I joined a discussion on Facebook about it at that time. When I said that even little boys have to be saved from monsters, there was a big hullaballoo saying that what I said was nonsense. I don’t have to say anything further because this fact has also been proved.

4. Homosexuals were a Part of Fiction: But, homosexuality has had a covert existence for a long time. Famous writer Oscar Wilde was a homosexual. In one of the forums on a TV channel 2-3 years ago, people supported homosexuality as it is present in animals. Though I don’t have any objections to anyone being homosexual, I can argue against it, being a Science student. First of all, the animal brain is not fully developed. Human beings are highly developed animals as far as the brain is concerned. Secondly, these animals are not homosexual, they are hermaphrodites or bisexuals. Earthworm, for example, has both the donor and receptor sexual organs in them. They exchange the male gametes.

This link shows 2 earthworms mating with each other –


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