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Navaratri 6th day

Today is the 6th day of Navaratri. The presiding Goddess of this day is Kartyayani Mata. As she is the daughter of Maharishi Kartyayan, she is called so. She has 4 arms and is called Chaturbhuji Mata. Her vehicle is the ferocious lion.


She is the installed deity of Brij Bhoomi and Gopikas worshipped this Goddess to attain Lord Krishna. Thus, She is worshipped by boys, girls and their parents for marriage and for getting good partners. Even love marriages are successful if the couple worships this Goddess.

Worship of this Goddess can absolve one of doshas of the planet Jupiter as well. Girls and boys in marriageable age can pray to her by chanting her mantra with the mantra of Jupiter. If the boy or girl not interested in getting married, they can very well stay away from this. Parents should not compel them to perform this pooja, since compulsion will lead to adverse effects.

This pooja is to be performed whole heartedly, with full faith. Even when those, who do not have marriage in their horoscope, perform this pooja sincerely, they will get married to a good spouse in a miraculous way.

Performing Pooja: At the time of dusk, when cattle return home from grazing; clean pooja place with cow dung and draw an ashtadala rangoli with a combination of rangoli and turmeric powder. Perform pooja to the rangoli requesting the Mother Earth to sustain the pooja of Mother Kartyayani that you would be performing. Place a small stool or patla on the rangoli. Spread a yellow cloth on it. Place the Kartyayani Mata photo or idol on this. Purify the idol and the place with holy water. The purifying process can be requested from your own priests.

Offer a garland of yellow flowers, that of rose flowers and that of raw turmeric or dry turmeric to the Goddess. Perform panchopachara pooja with deep faith. Offer honey as naivedyam in a mud vessel or silver vessel. 6 silver coins can be placed inside the honey. Yellow and red banana can also be offered. After the pooja, everybody should partake of the offerings. If there is an intention to perform this pooja for 48 days, then the silver coins should be washed and used every day for the pooja. If not, the silver coins should be washed and stored in the locker.

This pooja is not only for people to get married. Even married people can perform this pooja to live a happy and long married life. When one of the partners thinks of divorce, the other one can perform this pooja to get a resolution of the issue and live together.


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