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Navaratri 5th day

Today is the 5th day of Navaratri and the reigning Goddess of the day is Skanda Mata. This Goddess has 4 arms and is called Chaturbhuji Mata. She is seen sitting on a lotus and Her son Kartikeya sits on Her lap. When you pray to Her, all types of obstacles are removed. She mainly gives children and removes the obstacles in the path of their lives. In some parts of India, the pooja of the Mother Goddess begins today.


While praying to this Goddess, even the pooja of Kartikeya occurs automatically. We can offer ripe yellow banana as the naivedyam and offer garlands of yellow flowers. At some places, 9 garlands of yellow flowers are offered. Pooja to this Goddess helps us absolve ourselves of doshas connected to Jupiter planet.

Obesity can be reduced by saying Skanda Mata Mantra together with Jupiter Mantra. Today, mothers are invited with their children to give them gifts and naivedyam in South Indian traditional way. Today, all the 3 Devis Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati can be prayed to. Even special pooja of Saraswati can be performed today.


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