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Teachers have the Responsibility of Many Students

What Happens When Gestures of a Seventh Grader Speak Dirty Language!

Gestures can mean a world of things. Often they speak dirty language. But that is adult language. When a seventh grader’s gestures take on a dirty meaning? What happens?
This incident also happened in the Kandivali school I was teaching in. I was made the class teacher of this 7th class. We were well into the academic year and suddenly one day one of my female student’s mother came to my home and told me in a no superlatives spared account of how one of the boys in the class gestured dirtily to her daughter. She had gone ahead and complained to the principal about it without bothering to even inform the class teacher about it.


The woman had been asked to visit the principal but never turned up. Then she called me over my cell and compelled me to take it up with the principal. When I told the principal about it, she told me to bring the girl to her during one of my free lectures.
Likewise I took her to the principal’s room. The principal asked the girl what was the issue. The girl told her that one particular boy would always show a gesture to her, while distributing papers in the class, which was often. When the principal asked her what was the gesture, she made a sort of fist where the fingers form a triangle in front of the palm. Then the principal asked her what made her think that the given gesture connoted a dirty message. I was shocked at the reply. She said, “I don’t know.”
Then the principal told her to return to the class and I was not needed so went back to the staff room leaving the principal in a thoughtful state. After that nothing happened in the class pertaining to this issue. Neither did the woman or the girl contact me again regarding the same topic.

Teachers have the Responsibility of Many Students
Teachers have the Responsibility of Many Students

As far as I am concerned, I have not found replies to three questions regarding this issue. One is if she do not have the time to follow up an issue, why does a parent create a hullaballoo about it in front of the teacher only? Secondly, 7th grade students are at a learning phase, just stepping into teens. They may learn anything from anywhere. There is always a lot of peer pressure. Why can’t the parent find out fully what’s going on and then react with an unbiased attitude?
Thirdly, there is already a lot of pressure on the teacher from the management and the parents as well, to make the children achieve high grades, by ignoring many mistakes, that a sincere teacher finds it difficult to balance work and life. Why do these parents target their children’s teachers with such silly issues?


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