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Mickey Singh

Mickey Singh, An-Indian-Born-American-Raised singer

Mickey Singh has been redefining the Punjabi Music in America. He is known for his style quotient and diverse singing quality. He is very active on social platforms with a dedicated fan following of millions. A star born in India raised in America – Mickey Singh is synonymous with urban-Asian singing sensation. He is a style icon who wins the hearts of his millions of fans with his attractive voice and charming persona.


How was your childhood?
I was born in Punjab India. My childhood was amazing, especially growing up in India was something that I’m glad happened to me because now I have a very strong connection with my home country. As kids in India, we didn’t have many regulations. We kind of always did what we wanted to do.

Your training in singing?
I never took any classes for singing but I did study music engineering. I always wanted to learn how things are behind the sound. I further developed my skills with some guidance and a lot of efforts. Determination is your prime teacher, always. While I was doing that, I also did computer science. Studying is very important. You cannot ignore it.

The Indian-Born-American-Raised Singer
The Indian-Born-American-Raised Singer

What did your parents say about your decision to take up singing professionally?
My parents were always very supportive. From day one, they always saw me singing and dancing around the house, so I think they knew it was coming. I want to say the same thing to a lot of parents out there to do the same for their kids, it is definitely a blessing.

Do you compose your own music?
I compose and write my music and my brothers are always around to guide. So it’s always a team work.

What are your future plans?
Future consists of a lot of new music, new sounds, and even working on brand new genres of music. So I am very excited for all that.

Mickey Singh
Mickey Singh

Do you plan to join Bollywood?
How can I forget Bollywood? I grew up watching Bollywood and I still do. And if musically I can contribute to it, I would love to. And with God’s grace that’s happening as there are a few projects that we are working on. The latest one that’s set for release soon is a sound track that I sang for Jimmy Shergill’s upcoming movie Shareekh so definitely keep your ears ready for that. Then there are a lot of other projects you will get to hear very soon. (Smiles)

What do you do when not singing?
If I’m not singing or travelling, I’m usually at home spending time with family, because in my line that is always hard. Besides, I love watching movies and I love going to the gym.


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