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Demo of Flashpoints

Advanced Hair Studios Event

PR George Samuel from Avian media contacted me recently regarding an event by the Advanced Hair Studios (AHS) that they were planning soon.

Styling on a Blogger
Styling on a Blogger

His mail said that the event would comprise the following:
A briefing session by Studio Manager and AHS Hair Consultant on
• Importance of healthy hair
• AHS stylist/consultant to take up a session on ‘Experimenting with hairstyles’ suggesting and showcasing latest hair trends for wedding season and Christmas/ New year party on an in-house model
• To make the session more interactive, we suggest you to come in your best party wear as the AHS team will give you a hairstyle complimenting your dress and your look.
• Showcasing ‘Hair Magic’ for quick, easy solution in case of bald patches
• Demo of flashpoints

At the Event: Advanced Hair Studio , world’s largest hair replacement and re-growth company recently conducted an educational, interactive and fun session on hair care solutions and trendy hair styles for the festive season at Mediterra in Bandra.

Magic Fibre Demo
Magic Fibre Demo

The event conducted under the aegis of senior hair expert from AHS, Mumbai, witnessed a thought provoking session on the importance of hair in our life, dispelling conventional myths about hair and their probable solutions. The session included practical knowledge of the 4 procedures of hair replacement and re-growth available at the studio. The media witnessed the demo of Magic Fibre and Flashpoints, the latest in hair fibre and extensions.
Due to the lifestyle changes experienced by many people today together with work-life imbalance, they are experiencing stress. As a result, stress is not only affecting the health of the individuals, but also their hair. People have been losing hair on a daily basis. Thus the solutions offered by AHS can be welcomed with open arms.
Keeping up with the festive mood, AHS Hair stylist discussed the latest trends and shared ideas relating to stylish hair styles for the upcoming party season.
We, the invitees, had been told to be in party wear, so that the hair expert would be able to suggest a suitable hair style for us.
One model first experienced Flashpoints. These are long hair-like strands coming out of small cylinders with a cut on one side. The strands were few, and the expert lifted some of the model’s real hair and fixed these with a pair of tongs onto a few strands of real hair, close to the scalp. Thus when the expert completed fixing these strands the effect was like the model had highlighted a few of her real hair. The fixture was not visible at all. This method appears to be better than the conventional extensions, because they involve glue and can get quite messy, while fixing and removing them. The model also told us that it felt like normal hair.
When my turn came, the hair expert, Abdul, told me that I should get a few large curlers for my hair. He attached one of them in the hair on top of my head and showed it to me in the mirror. He also told me if I would roll it up and go about my work, it would do its work well. According to him, initially I would not be able to get a perfect curl because doing something for the first time does not often give the right effect. Once I would be experienced in it, I should start curling the hair near my ears as well. That he said would give me the right bangs to compliment my face structure.

Magic Fibre Demo
Magic Fibre Demo

Then to give an experiential on that day he went about pinning something on the top of my head. He showed me the final result and I was pleasantly shocked! I was looking for the ways and means to get the 60s Bollywood look and he had done exactly that with a puff. He had placed the puff in the middle of the top of my head, with a parting on my left. He had left a strand of hair falling on my right in front of the puff.
From what I have heard this style when used initially in the 60s, used to be heavy. But the puff that he had used for me was both light in weight and soft to touch.


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