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Shani Amavasya (Part V)

On Shani Amavasya, Lord Shiva is also worshipped to ward off the ill-effects of the planet Saturn. This pooja can be performed either at home or in a temple. A priest can be hired for the pooja. It can also be performed on our own. In the evening during Pradosha time, copper, brass, silver, crystal or stone idol of Lord Shiva is worshipped. For resolving Shani Doshas, a Shani Yantra or a piece of iron with the diagram of the Shani Purusha or Shani Purushakara Yantra on it is worshipped with the symbol of Lord Shiva.


We have to clean the yantra with cow’s urine and water and place it on a plate with the Lingam. Since we are worshipping Shani, we may keep a steel plate too. First, we perform abhishekam with pure water and place that water aside. Then, we perform abhishekam with sesame oil with the chanting of Lord Shiva’s Panchakshari and Shani Beejakshara Mantras. Place the oil also aside. Drain the oil completely.

Wipe the Lingam, yantra and plate with the cotton used for lighting lamps and place it aside. Sprinkle black sesame seeds on the Lingam and the yantra and drop the seeds inside the oil. Again wipe the Lingam, yantra and the plate with a clean cloth. Now, perform the abhishekam of Gangajal, rose water, milk, ghee and curd. We have completed the abhishekam of 8 auspicious stuff in the worship area.

Wipe off all the stuff on Lingam, yantra and the plate and make threads for oil lamps with the cotton. Make 8 threads as such. Place 8 oil lamps separately and pour the oil set aside, in it. If the oil is not enough, sesame or mustard oil can be added. Now, the lamps have to be lighted. Make a paste of sandalwood powder in rose water and perform abhishekam on the Lingam and yantra. Keep the sandalwood paste aside to be given to devotees later.

The Lingam, yantra and plate are wiped off all the abhishekam material. Holy ash or vibhuti is used to perform abhishekam to the Lingam only, chanting Lingashtakam. Apply sandalwood paste and kum kum to the Lingam. Apply kohl to the eyes and forehead of Shani diagram. If a yantra has been worshipped, we have to apply sandalwood paste and kum kum like we had applied to the Shiva Lingam. The kohl box is to be placed below the yantra.

To be continued…


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