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Shani Amavasya (XVth and Concluding Part)

Someone told us a story about Shani Mahatmya, which really happened. Everybody is afflicted by Saturn, at some time of their lives. There is no giver like Shani and there is no snatcher like Shani. Shani pooja and good karma reduce the ill effects of Shani to some extent. The ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part XIV)

This is the penultimate post on Shani Amavasya. We will be sharing information about a real-life incident in them. Lalitamba is also worshipped on Shani Amavasya. Lalitamba resolves all difficulties. Sanatana Dharma has the worship of the supreme divinity in the form of Lalitamba, as a unique feature. We just ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part XIII)

Bhadrakali Worship on Shani Amavasya: Even Bhadrakali is worshipped on Shani Amavasya Day. At home, placing blue-colored beautiful Bhadrakali photo for worship is auspicious. We should not choose a photo with a furious Devi. She was sent by Durga Devi to drink the blood of Raktabeeja before it fell on ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part XII)

On Shani Amavasya, Kala Bhairava and Batuk Bhairava poojas bestow benefits. The appearance of Bhairava is told in the following story: There was a demon named Andhaka. He got a boon from Lord Shiva for his penance that he cannot be vanquished by any Deva including Brahma and Vishnu. Lord ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part XI)

Goddess Pratyankara is also called Sakala Aishwarya Dharinyai because she bestows all kinds of prosperity. She also protects us from any graha doshas. So, She is called Navgraha Roopinyai. She is also called Atharvana Bhadrakali. Pratyankara Devi’s Vishwaroopam is as follows: She has 1000 worshippable faces, 2000 arms, 3 red ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part X)

Pratyankara Devi dropped out of one of Lord Sharabheshwarar’s wings. She came out ferociously and ate up Gandaperunda bird. Pratyankara Devi is considered to be a form of Bhadrakali. Bhadrakali appeared out of Lord Shiva’s third eye. Bhadra means auspicious (mangala) and Kali is a form of Kala Ratri Devi. ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part IX)

Coming to Lord Sharabheshwarar pooja; since it is none other than Lord Shiva, placing a Shiva Lingam at the worship area is important. We also have to place a photograph of Lord Sharabheshwarar because the idol is rarely available. Next, we need to place something that represents Shani Dev. We ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part VIII)

When Veerabhadra went back to Lord Shiva, he fell at the Lord’s feet and lamented that he could not complete His bidding. Immediately, Lord Shiva transformed Himself into a ferocious animal with the brilliance of 1000 crore suns. The body was of a Yazhi with 2 big wings of a ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part VI)

Continuing with Shani Amavasya pooja, take a large yellow juicy lemon. Apply 8 dots on it with the kohl all around and place it near Shani Yantra. Offer small amounts of sesame seeds 8 times on the lemon and the yantra. Offer 8 blue flowers to the lemon and Shani ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part V)

On Shani Amavasya, Lord Shiva is also worshipped to ward off the ill-effects of the planet Saturn. This pooja can be performed either at home or in a temple. A priest can be hired for the pooja. It can also be performed on our own. In the evening during Pradosha ...

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