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Goddess Pratyankara

Shani Amavasya (Part XI)

Goddess Pratyankara

Goddess Pratyankara is also called Sakala Aishwarya Dharinyai because she bestows all kinds of prosperity. She also protects us from any graha doshas. So, She is called Navgraha Roopinyai. She is also called Atharvana Bhadrakali.


Pratyankara Devi’s Vishwaroopam is as follows: She has 1000 worshippable faces, 2000 arms, 3 red eyes, heavy body and dusky face. She wears a blue dress. She holds the trident, a skull, a hangman’s rope and a small drum. She also holds the crescent moon on Her hair. She wears a garland made of the large teeth of a boar and a tortoise.

If She is offered sesame and sesame flowers with other blossoms, She is pleased and removes all negativity from her life. She bestows all the desires when anyone pays obeisance to Her. But, if anybody uses Goddess Pratyankara to torture good people, She Herself will exterminate the tormentors. Pratyankara Kavacha, Pratyankara Shatanamavali and Pratyankara Sahasranamam are chanted in front of Her during pooja.

We, at A Journalist Reveals, decided to name our parent company as Pratyankara Media Services for a reason. My cousin and Senior Journalist Gayatri’s mother would worship the Devi. Once Gayatri felt that she is sitting on the lap of the Devi and the fire that is being emitted from Her mouth was soothingly warm on her back. She had respiratory problems and after this incident, the health issues got resolved. We realized that my cousin had a divine vision and named our company in Her name.

We can worship Devi Pratyankara on every new moon day. We can worship Shani Dev with Goddess Pratyankara, the way we had explained some posts ago. We can also substitute the stone with an entire betel nut, after applying a tilak with kohl on it. But, we cannot wash the betel nut after every use. It has to be removed and consigned to running water. Or we can sow it under a pipal tree. We can also hide it below the large roots of the pipal tree.

To be continued…


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