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Goddess Pratyankara

Shani Amavasya (Part X)

Goddess Pratyankara

Pratyankara Devi dropped out of one of Lord Sharabheshwarar’s wings. She came out ferociously and ate up Gandaperunda bird. Pratyankara Devi is considered to be a form of Bhadrakali. Bhadrakali appeared out of Lord Shiva’s third eye. Bhadra means auspicious (mangala) and Kali is a form of Kala Ratri Devi.


She got the name Pratyankara from the 2 rishis – Pratyankiras and Angiras. These 2 sages discovered the mantra of Goddess Pratyankara. Thus, She is called with the names of these 2 rishis. Since She dropped out of the wing of Lord Sharabheswhwarar when He was very angry, She is also called Krodhasambhavaya. She is also called Krodhashamani because She was the one who ate up Lord Narasimha’s anger, which was in the form of Gandaperunda. She is also called Ugra. She shows the vishwaroopam as Omkara Roopini. Thus, is also called Bhukti Mukti Phala Pradayay.

To be continued…


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