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Sonam Gupta

Perfect Guidelines to Designing your Child’s Bedroom

By Sonam Gupta


Decorating a child’s room is exciting but it requires a lot of patience, understanding of your child’s requirements and a thorough knowledge of the current as well as standard kids’ room decor trends. Slightest misjudgement or negligence can profoundly cost you or your child or create interruptions in smooth functioning of the bedrooms. So here are some very basic principles to keep in mind when designing your little one’s dreamland.

  1. Illumination of Heaven: Every room requires abundant lights, both natural and artificial to illuminate rooms and create a radiant space. Children spend a significant amount of time in their bedrooms to study, relax, play and pursue their hobbies. Hence, it is important to keep the place well lit by using lamps, ceiling lightings at focused spots, night lights or by creating a bay or small skylight windows. Activities like reading, using mobiles or computers, board games, art and craft require concentration and therefore, a lightened up room is imperative to avoid strained eyes and health. Well lit rooms look welcoming, comforting and restore positive vibes.
  2. Colours on the Mighty Wall: Using the favourite colours of your children, vivid wall art,  cartoon characters and super heroes, design your wards’ room with paintings that inspire them. Put pictures that mirrors their hobbies and passion and encourages children to pursue them. If you wish to paint your walls dark, balance them with pastel colours and steer clear of heavy prints that oppose the look of your room. It is important to understand the difference between bright and dark wall colours and its effect before picking them for your kids’ bedroom walls.
  3. Storing the Stuff – In a wink of an eye, we see kids growing from infancy to toddlers to young children. They are growing with each passing day and so does their stuff that includes books, clothes, games, art and crafts material, etc., hence ample storage space with easy access and maintenance is required. This must be created keeping a long term goal in mind. Small cubbies, steel wired crates, bamboo or rattan effect plastic baskets under the bed or table, wall mounted shelves, cabinets, wardrobes, hooks to hang bags and clothes, etc. should be used to systematize the muddle. Be practical in approach and avoid showy organizers that occupy space but stores minimal stuff.
  4. Soft Furnishings: A special focus should be laid on the soft furnishings for the kids. A comfortable mattress, bulky comforter (especially during winters), supple sheets in vibrant prints of cartoon characters or any arty designs of flowers or scenic pictures that are attractive and soothe the environment should be added. Bright colours and pulsating prints in curtains that are firmly installed add depth to the room.

Door mats, table mats, runners and daris are important in every kid’s room. They not just keep them warm when playing varied indoor games, hanging out with friends and while indulging in their hobbies but also adds dimension and colours to the room. Fancy towels and napkins can also be placed in blushing hues. Sufficient, bright and comfortable soft furnishings for easy cleanliness and maintenance of rooms should be stocked up for children.

  1. Fun with Furniture: Furniture in children’s room should be safe, functional and devoid of any sharp edges. They should be easily accessible, equipped with lights and switches if required with added precautionary cases. One should avoid using paints that contain lead as it may be injurious to children and cause health issues. The furniture should have non-toxic coatings and finishes. Glass furniture should be avoided by all reasons and metal works should not be reachable to young children. Opt for multipurpose furniture that can be rearranged as and when the child desires.
  2. Say no to Big Budget: Children tend to get bored easily. With each year, variation in rooms keeps them entertained and excited. Use inexpensive decor and leave some free space in the room to be designed later. Do not overcrowd their room. Keep things under budget. Communicate with them to ensure that they are content with their room and don’t spend lavishly just to fulfil your child’s unreasonable demands.

A child’s room should elicit his traits, likes and temperament. It is space that should be created by them but under your supervision. Let them be experimental while keeping your principles and requirements for them in mind. So craft a happy space to nurture and raise your priceless buds with efficiency, adoration and serenity!

Sonam Gupta
Sonam Gupta

About Sonam Gupta: She initiated with a textile design graduation from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and a fashion design graduation from National Institute of Fashion Technology. Her work experience with the international market has helped her perceive Indian textiles with a modern approach. She treasures her 6 years of work experience wherein she got an opportunity to work with various market segments like Japan and Europe.


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