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Beta Bachao Beta Padhao
Beta Bachao Beta Padhao

Beta Bachao Beta Padhao (IInd and Concluding Part)

We all know about the slogan Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. Through this article, I am going to give you another slogan – Beta Bachao Beta Padhao. Mind you, this is not a spoof on the popular catchphrase. Read on to know more in this second part of the article.


Bachcha Bachao Bachcha Padhao:

At home the next day, Mom had decided that the boy’s suggestion – Bachcha Bachao Bachcha Padhao – should be implemented. There are reasons for this. Our neighbor’s daughter was 7 when we shifted here in 2011. She already knew such stuff like how to steal and how to have se*. She has been brought up by her mother that way and she made the girl engage in these activities with the laborers, who were completing our building (The neighbors had shifted earlier on when the building was being constructed.) This girl uttered a big lie about me and the whole building believed her due to her age. It was too late by the time they realized that it was a hoax. The girl’s mother had made them her puppets.

On the day we had gone to the hospital, the neighbor’s whole family was abusing us standing in front of our door. Mom warned them to let the girl study. This year she is giving her 10th std exams. This girl has been given a task by her mother – to bring their pet dog in front of our door and abuse it with several cuss words, which are meant for us. Finally, she spoke the dog in front of our door, “Neeche ka chashka laga hai!” But, it sounded different. If this girl begs for something like this in front of our door, what can we do? There is no male member in our home than my Dad, who might pity her and be with her. And Dad is too old and weak for her! 🙂

I will discuss the reason, I mentioned about this neighboring family, now. This family is everything that a normal human being would NEVER want to be. Thus, we need to make sure that all our children – male or female to be brought up properly, with moral values.

Beta Bachao Beta Padhao:

After much thought, Mom decided Beta Bachao Beta Padhao would be a better slogan because boys have been the neglected lot, in recent times. The girl that I am talking about has an elder brother, who has already taken the path of crime. There is no crime, he has not committed. The family lives on lies. This ‘boy’ had passed his SSC with 82% marks, according to the family. I wonder how he did not even get into a college for a degree in arts if he is so intelligent. He went for a diploma. People think that he has completed the diploma. If yes, then, one would expect him to join a company connected to his diploma subject. But, he has joined a pet shop as a salesman. He brings a new dog home, every 4-5 days. He gives several excuses for the same. If this man had received proper guidance from his parents, he would have scored much better and would have been a better person.

In the beginning, the woman was busy trying to shift the responsibility of her children on me, for free. She expected me to leave my job and teach her children for free and give them free access to my computer for all the time they wanted. She did not want Mom to teach them because Mom according to her is old and belonged to the same category as uneducated women her age in the woman’s family. Before shifting here, Mom was a ‘gem’. Here, she has given Mom the names pagal and Gan** because Mom speaks to men and she speaks sense! But, the woman is allowed to speak to every man possible and that does not affect her status as a pure woman!

Mom has been a teacher, writer, journalist, photographer, orator, dance teacher and above all a social worker and holistic healer. The woman has been setting unwritten rules for Mom and me. The woman has spread lies about us and it turns out that she is a big loser and not us.

This may not be a unique occurrence. Other people might be suffering from similar problems. To create awareness about such things, Mom has spoken to another social worker to bring about the revolution of Beta Bachao Beta Padhao. Plans are underway to form an NGO for this purpose. We need to spread awareness about not creating criminals out of the males of the next generation. That would be the right way forward toward Beta Bachao Beta Padhao.


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