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Conversation Between a Grandmother and her Grandson

A grandmother used to tell stories to her grandson. But, one day she asked him to tell the story. He began, “Ek jungle mein ek sher tha. Uske paas ek bullock cart tha!”


Another boy asked, “How can that be? How can a tiger have a bullock cart?”

The first boy said, “Why? Why can’t he have it? Is there a hard and fast rule that he should not have it?”
The second boy asked, “How can a bullock be alive with a tiger around?”
The first boy asked, “Did I say that a bullock was there?”

The second boy asked, “Then, how can a bullock cart be there?”

The first boy said, “Ask that question. One day, a man traveled through the jungle in a bullock cart. The tiger saw them and pounced on the man. He ate the man first. The next day he ate one bullock and the next day the second bullock. That is how the tiger had a bullock cart. He was a lame tiger. He would play on the cart like a seesaw and live in it like in his den. Whenever an animal would come under the cart, he would eat it up.”

Parents and teachers beware of today’s naughty and intelligent children.


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