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Shahnaz Husain

Choosing the Right Beauty Products

Using the right beauty products is crucial for good maintenance of our skin and hair. Often we are jeopardized regarding the products to choose. The market is filled with adulterated stuff. Sometimes we may even have budget constraints. It is during this time that we should consult a beauty expert. contacted the famous beauty expert Shahnaz Husain, recently nominated the Cultural Ambassador of Seychelles, to help us deal with this situation and she replied to some of our questions:


How to choose the right beauty products (Skin/hair care products and cosmetics) according to our skin type and budget?

The regular care of the skin and hair entails caring for them according to their individual needs. Knowing your skin type helps to select the right products. If you have sensitive skin, apply the product on a small area first. Leave it on for 15 minutes to see the reaction. Nowadays, the label has the information about the product and the particular type it is meant for. Look at the ingredients on the label and ensure that the active ingredients are natural or organic. If the skin is oily, avoid heavy creams and moisturisers and look for oil-free products and lotions. The same goes for the hair. Heavy styling products and creamy conditioners are not for oily or dandruff-prone hair. Branding matters. Look for the reputed brand name in the particular segment, whether it is the premium segment or the middle segment. Buy one product first and see if it suits you. Then you can go for the others in the same brand.

Does it have to change according to the season?

Seasonal changes influence the skin. When humidity is low, the skin loses moisture to the atmosphere and it is essential to change the daily skin-care routine. Oily skins can also be short of moisture during winter, which affects the outermost layer of the skin. Some areas of the skin may also acquire tiny white flakes. Moisturizers are available in both liquid and cream forms. During the dry season, for normal to dry skin, it is better to use a creamy moisturizer. You have to apply it after using a cleanser and a toner on the skin. A dry skin also needs a moisturiser under make-up.

However, during the humid season a liquid moisturiser may be adequate. An oily skin may need a light moisturising lotion during winter, when the season is dry. While during hot and humid weather, a skin tonic or freshener would be better. Similarly, for the hair too, during winter creamy conditioners would be more suitable, while during the hot and humid season, hair rinse and hair serum may be needed.

Shahnaz Husain
Shahnaz Husain

I was told by a hair expert from a leading salon chain that if I buy the products from a leading beauty brand from the salon chain then it would be authentic. If I buy the same from the open market, i.e. online, retail shop or mall then the product, which I will get would be adulterated. What would you say about it?

Unfortunately, there is the danger of fake products of well known brands. Manufacturers of cosmetics face this problem of fake products, being marketed by unscrupulous people, who are trying to derive illegal benefit from the well known brand name. Therefore, it is better to buy products from authorized dealers and distributors. Also check out the prices from the website of the particular company. Sometimes, the prices quoted are much less than the actual price. Perhaps, that is why you were told to buy products from the genuine outlet, like the salon chain or a shop or counter belonging to the particular brand. Very often, the difference in the copies is so minute that it is not noticeable to the customers or retailers. They are also sold without payment of excise duties or sales tax.

Thus, the country is cheated of revenue and the customers are fooled into believing that they are buying genuine products.


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