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Charging a Mobile

Tips for Mobile Phones

Last week my smart phone conked off. Being in the midst of a 3-day conference I could not take it to the service centre. I went to the nearest one today and that became an eye-opening experience for me.
The problem with my phone was just a software update issue. When that was in the process, a lady came into the shop and started creating a scene. The men in the shop tried their very best to tell her that the issue can be resolved. But she could not be calmed because she had made several trips to the service centre to get her mobile repaired. And the technician should have also explained to her the problem in a way she would have understood.

Charging Mobile With Power Bank
Charging Mobile With Power Bank

From the conversation I understood that because her phone got discharged completely often, it had affected the charging system. My Mom was with me. We tried to soothe her by talking to her peacefully.
I also understood that due to her job sometimes she cannot keep charging her mobile. Later I got to know that she is a paediatrician in a nearby hospital, with duty in the NICU, where mobiles are not allowed.
I will not go deeper into her issue and come to the purpose of this article. I learned a few things today, which I would like to share with my friends. First lesson is that not every woman is internet savvy. Thus they should make an effort to find time to read articles, which would help them to make sure that the techno products that they have lasts longer.

Charging a Mobile
Charging a Mobile

I have compiled the following tips for you Guys and I am also going to follow them:
1. You should start charging the mobile before it is completely discharged. This way the product’s durability is not affected.
2. You should charge the mobile while it is switched off. It uses maximum power while it has least charge, while switched on. Also maximum accidents happen at this stage if charged in switched on mode.
3. Coming to the doctor I met. There could be several other women like her and even men, who might be working at places where mobiles are not allowed. Or their job involves a lot of travelling. In both situations, there is no way they can charge their mobiles for hours together. Such people, like I suggested to her, should buy a power bank suitable to their requirement. If I have to travel and my phone is discharged, I just place my phone connected to the small power bank I have inside my hand bag. It will do its duty and I will be free to do mine.

Update: 4. And most important tip, never charge your mobile till 100% and beyond. Again the charging system gets damaged due to too much charging.


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