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Hair Myths and Facts

By Sanket Shah
With Hair loss being a common occurrence these days in men and women as early as 20 years, it is a crucial time to understand the importance of hair health and conditions affecting it. Hair loss can be due to number of reasons common among them are climatic conditions, stress, water of the area you live in and food intake. While fish, spinach, eggs and sweet potato help fight common symptoms of hair, like dullness, growth and density; keeping in mind general hair care advice and answers to common myths helps develop a better relation with your hair.
Myth: Frequent Trims Help Hair Grow Faster
This is false. Hair grows half an inch a month, in most cases. Hair trim doesn’t affect the follicles, which determine your hair growth rate and quality. There are times the growth rate may spike due to hormonal issues that have nothing to do with hair trim. Getting frequent trim would however help hair stay neater and reduce the split ends, but won’t affect the growth rate.
Myth: Split Ends Can Be Repaired.
This is false. Split ends cannot be ever repaired. Once they are split, the best option would be to trim them to get even smooth hair. Ends that are damaged tend to show slower growth compared to healthy, well-maintained, trimmed hair.
Myth: Switching Shampoos Can Make Hair Look Healthier.
This is false. Your hair cannot differentiate between one shampoo and the other. Each shampoo, will give you what it promises usually a clean head of hair and scalp, so choose your favorite and stick to it as long as it does the work. Yes, depending on whether you have highlighted hair or if usage of hair tools like straighteners and curlers is higher; it may be a good idea to start using moisturizing shampoos and masks to reduce the damage.
Myth: Coloring Causes Damage to Your Hair.
This is true. However in recent times, with a number of coloring options available in salon and at home, the extent of damage can be reduced. It is a good idea to talk to your stylist and clear your doubts, to opt for a color which not only causes less harm but also conditions your hair. There are a number of such products trending in the hair market.

Sanket Shah
Sanket Shah

Myth: Plucking Out One Gray Hair Results in Two More In Its Place.
This is false. However, picking on your grey hair leads to damaged roots, causing infection or leaving a scar. Treat your hair gently, thus keeping your hair healthy. It is better to consult a professional for reducing the number of grey hair.
Myth: Ice-Cold Water Rinse Will Give You Shinier Hair.
This is false; pouring cold water over your hair will not make your tresses shinier. It will however close your cuticles instead of it being ruffled, as they normally are. The smoothened cuticles reflect more light and hence appear shinier.
Myth: You Should Brush Your Hair 100 Strokes Every Day.
This is false. The age old belief isn’t just useless; it could actually harm your hair. Brush only to style hair, because brushing pulls hair out of their follicles and weakens individual strands. This leads to hair loss and hair fall.
Myth: Hair Will Always Remain the Same Texture.
This is false. Hair textures undergo changes with age, circumstances, mediation and other variables. Your hair maybe straight, curly or wavy at birth, but your hair’s ultimate texture can change permanently in various situations.
Myth: Wearing Tight Braids, Ponytails Leads To Baldness.
This is true. Traction alopecia is a reality that may result from wearing tight ponytails, cornrows or buns over a long period of time. Putting your hair through continuous tight hair styles may lead to breakage and loss. It is a good idea to alternate and not put your hair through tight styles for extended durations.
Myth: Swimming Pool Chemicals Can Turn Hair Green.
This is true. Frequent swimmers with chemically highlighted hair that is prone to harm may get green tints and shades over time in their hair. This problem can be prevented by using hair caps while swimming in addition regularly use moisturizing shampoo and conditioners that provide a natural barrier to chlorine related chemicals.
Myth: A Sunburn Scalp Can Lead To Hair loss.
This is true; Sunburn affects follicles and causes breakage of hair. In case of people suffering from hereditary hair loss, it accelerates the process by harming the roots of the hair. Scalp burns can be prevented when sun protection products are applied to your scalp along with your hair.


About Sanket Shah: Mr. Sanket Shah is the CEO and MD of Advanced Hair Studio in the Indian Sub Continent and Middle-East Region.


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