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Gurmeet and Debleena

Love Triumphs

“There is only one kind of love, but there are thousands of different copies,” says a French Proverb. It is human to fall in love and celebrities are no exception. It is a different matter that their love culminates in a marriage or the marriage lasts or not. Here are a couple of celebrities from the Idiot Box, who talk about their successful marriage to their sweethearts.


Sara Khan is famous for her role as Alka Tiwari in Dhoond Legi Manzil Hamein. She met her husband Arfeen in Mumbai, which she finds strange.
Gurmeet Chudhary calls himself an Indian from Bihar. He is famous as Ram of the recent Sagar Arts’ The Ramayan (new), which started in 2008 on NDTV and was later dubbed into other Indian languages. He met his co-star in the serial Debina Bonnerjee (she actually did play the role of Sita in the same serial) in Mumbai at a friend’s place. And in the first meeting itself he felt something special for her.
Made for each other: It was Sara’s gut feeling that told her, she and Afreen were made for each other. Gurmeet and Debina realized that they were missing each other few days after they stopped meeting each other. He recollects, “We wanted to see and talk to each other. Whenever I met her I felt happy and vise-a-versa. Soon we realized that we were made for each other. I am so happy that we had that chance meeting.”
Sara went on to get married to her Prince Charming in the Islamic tradition. ‘Ram’ and ‘Sita’ had their marriage first registered and then followed it up by Hindu traditional rituals. He reminisces, “We had the regular sangeet and then had a dinner party for all the friends and family.”
Commitment: While Sara finds first love innocent, Gurmeet is very conservative about it. He insists, “The first is the last which lasts forever. There is nothing like second love or a third love. I believe that love is for keep’s sake. If it changes then it never was love in first place.”
People, today, have been found to fall in and out of love often. Thus such relationships have become transient. That is why many people go for live-in relationships to test their love. Sara doesn’t approve of it. According to her, “I don’t approve of it simply because I don’t agree why people would plan and fall in love! If it happens, it happens and if it does not work out, then that’s different. I think it is you who have to decide if you want to have a live-in relationship or marriage.”
Gurmeet also agrees, “I would say ‘to each his own’. Who am I to comment on somebody life and way of thinking? I believe in the motto of live and let live.”
Advice for people going in for love marriage: Sara says, “Lovely. Nothing better than getting married to the one you love!”
Message to the readers: Sara says, “Love is a beautiful feeling. Go ahead, fall in love, even if it does not work out, at least it’s better to love and be loved rather than never experiencing it!!”

Sara and Afreen Khan
Sara and Afreen Khan

This article was initially published in Eve’s Times magazine and has been reproduced here with the permission of the editor, Swati Amar.


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