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Kitchen Tips

1. While using packed pickles bought from the store, always pickup the vegetable pieces by fork. If you remove them with spoon, the oil comes with the vegetable pieces. Thus the oil does not last long and there are chances of the pickle getting spoilt with fungus.
2. While making pakoras, if you add the following you can make the taste better: ½ a teaspoon ghee and curd. Salt should be added to the curd and beaten to make it frothy before adding it to the batter.
3. Select green mangoes, which are not sour. Cut them into small pieces. Boil and keep it aside. Make thick syrup with Gur and water. Add salt and the boiled mango pieces and mix well. Then add neem flowers and again mix well. Garnish with grated ginger. Having a spoonful of this dish with the first mouthful of food promotes health. This healthy dish is not only tasty but also can set the metabolism right.


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