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Raw Banana
Raw Banana

Banana Tips – Raw Banana (Part V)

The banana flowers open slowly one or 2 at a time and expose their inner parts. After fertilization of the ovary, each flower turns into the raw fruit. The process is worth a dekho and good for the eyes. Once the raw banana fruits attain their optimum size, they are plucked from the plant.


Raw Banana:

Raw banana is a wholesome food. Cooking raw fruit with the skin has its own benefits. 2-inch pieces of raw fruit boiled in salt water are good for convalescing patients. Small pieces of banana, cooked in coconut oil-seasoning and garnished with grated coconut, is another tasty dish that is healthy as well. This dish can be had for breakfast in the morning as well as snacks in the afternoon.

Small pieces of raw fruit cooked with split green gram, split tuar dal, split red lentils and fenugreek seeds is another healthy dish for lunch and dinner. South Indian Kadi and coot can also be cooked for lunch and dinner. Raw banana can also be fried into bhajias as explained in our last post on Banana Tips. Banana chips are also tasty.

Raw banana can be donated to Brahmins during Pitru Paksha and Shrardha.

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