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A Doggy Experience

Street dogs are not all that bad. This I learnt yesterday.

This is how I learnt my lesson: We were going to the hospital for my Mom’s check up. I had to withdraw some money from the nearby ATM. A couple of dogs sat there blocking the door. I was worried, if I went ahead and by chance I stepped on one of the dogs’ tails, then? More than it biting my leg (medical faculty has advanced and I would have to take injections on my arm only), I was worried about the pain it would go through.

At that time, Mom spoke to the bigger dog, which was blocking the entrance, “Please move aside. We have some work inside.” The dog looked at her, got up, went and sat on the other side!

I was shocked and in that condition went inside and got the money. All through the time, I was inside, Mom was talking to the dogs. When I came out of the ATM, I asked her, what were you talking about? Mom told me, “Go and lie down on the other side comfortably. It went there and looked at me after lying down. I told him to go back to his sleep. It went and slept peacefully.”

When we left the place, it opened one eye and looked at Mom. She told him to sleep peacefully, without disturbance. It did what my Mom told him. Mom told me, “We need not be afraid of these 4-legged dogs. We have to be frightful of the 2-legged dogs living in our building. When we go out, they come inside our home and steal things. During the daily pooja, the 2-legged dogs stand in front of our home and keep barking unwanted things about our home as if they own the house and we have snatched it from them. Thus, according to their behavior they are being troubled by us coming here. These 2-legged dogs are the worst sinners of the world.”

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