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The Food Analysts Review

On November 22, last year; we, at A Journalist Reveals, received a mail from the PR of The Food Analysts that the service has been launched in India. We requested that we would like to do a service review and soon received the link to register for the trials. I ...

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Face Packs

In today’s hectic life, be it working women or housewives, due to the fact that they have to go out in the sun, they get discoloration of facial skin, dark patches, blemishes, etc. People today prefer organic products. Some people make their own products at home. Here are some tips ...

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Health Hacks

Some people get their sinuses flared up when they wash their hair. But we cannot live without washing our hair. Thus after washing we can burn ajwain, turmeric powder and the skin of garlic on charcoal and dry hair with the heat thus created. Particularly, the area above the nape ...

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Home Remedies

Have insomnia? We have a very simple solution for it. Heat 500 ml til oil with 50 gms cumin seeds on slow fire. When it reaches boiling point, switch off the gas. After it cools down store in a bottle. Apply on your hair regularly. You will sleep soundly at ...

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Kitchen Tips

1. While using packed pickles bought from the store, always pickup the vegetable pieces by fork. If you remove them with spoon, the oil comes with the vegetable pieces. Thus the oil does not last long and there are chances of the pickle getting spoilt with fungus. 2. While making ...

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Culinary Tips

1. During summer, while making curd at home, instead of making it at night, if milk is left to curdle on the inverter of your refrigerator in the morning, it would be set by lunch time and it does not even get sour. 2. Drinking lukewarm water after meals not ...

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Health Tips

1. Fry 5-6 garlic cloves in gingelly oil and have it with breakfast. This is a very good remedy for joint pains and inflammations. 2. Those prone to asthma should not have jaggery in combination with peanuts. 3. These days, due to environmental degradation, we are almost roasted by the ...

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