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Summer Beauty

Summer is almost here. Many people are beauty-conscious. They would not tolerate acne, blemishes, blackheads and dry skin. A Journalist Reveals suggests some quick fixes for these issues: 1. Wash your face regularly with cold water. 2. Have tender coconut water, buttermilk, seeds of doub palm, cucumber, litchi, watermelon, etc. ...

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Orange in Beauty

1. When orange juice is mixed with cucumber juice with salt and pepper is injested, you get glowing skin. 2. Grind orange juice, orange rind and add tomato juice to it. This cocktail refreshes as well as gives glowing skin. 3. Orange juice is a good cleanser if applied to ...

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The Bride Gets Ready (Part II)

Mix 1/8th teaspoon pepper powder with honey and lick it off. Immediately, take 1 harde murabba and 1 amla murabba. Add honey, lemon juice and ginger juice to lukewarm water. Drink this liquid. This forms a mini-breakfast. The bride was given a separate room. She was also given a loose ...

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The Bride Gets Ready

My maternal aunt was invited for a wedding of her tailoring class student. But, she was unwell and was wondering how she would go for the event. Since long her family was insisting that my aunt should be present for all the ceremonies. The girl had Mangal Dosha. Thus, her ...

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Makeup Tips for Sensitive Skin

Cosmetics do not suit some people. They can use the following methods for beautiful skin: Add lemon juice to glycerin and a little rose water. Mix well and apply on the whole body 10 minutes before bathing. This mixture can be stored in the fridge for as long as one ...

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Sun Burn

Sun burn is currently a topic of discussion, now-a-days. Many people have asked Mom quite a few things about this topic. I would like to share a few things through this medium. Where sun rays create Vitamin D under the skin, too much of it can cause sun burn. If ...

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Foot Care

In India, especially in the North, during Diwali, people clean the entire house. Middle class families cannot afford to outsource the cleaning service. All women are not as lucky as some, where male members of the family help them out. Diwali cleaning becomes an extra burden with the daily chores. ...

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Face Packs

In today’s hectic life, be it working women or housewives, due to the fact that they have to go out in the sun, they get discoloration of facial skin, dark patches, blemishes, etc. People today prefer organic products. Some people make their own products at home. Here are some tips ...

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Some Tips for a Beautiful You!

Suffering from acne? Here’s a simple solution. Extract the juice of mint (pudina) leaves and apply it on the pimples. Acne will disappear soon. Want some glow on your face? Try this. When milk gets spoilt, the creamy layer formed on the butter milk can be used for this beauty ...

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