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I Saw (Part III)

Mom asked curiously, “What kind of treatment was going on for him?” The older kid replied, “Some medicines were being given. A special diet has been prescribed and whenever the urge to lie arose he has been told to chew a gum and look at himself in the mirror how he looked. If he thought he had any shortcoming as far as his smartness was concerned, he had to correct the same. He was supposed to do this exercise 10 to 15 minutes. Mom was supposed to tell him very good, well done and keep it up.”


Lying is trying to grab attention in a negative manner. This is a kind of hysteria, where the activity makes the liar feel great about themselves. The doctor had also advised the child to share jokes instead of lying.

By then, their mother came there and listened to what was being said. Mom told something very interesting to the kids. Mom said: a 7 year old smart child would bring things from the shops alone. One day, his father told him to get 2 buns (Pao) for breakfast and also told him to get the change for Rs.10. Each bun is worth Rs.2. The shopkeeper told him to take 3 buns in Rs.5 and the child took it. He gave the 3 buns to his father very happily thinking he has done a good job. His father told him that one bun would be wasted since they required only 2. The child said that he got 1 extra bun in Re. 1. The father left the matter alone.

The boy went to the vegetable market with his mother. There tomatoes were being sold at Rs.20/kg. The vendor also said that he would give 2 kgs at Rs.30. The boy’s mother bought 2 kgs of tomatoes. His father shouted at his mother that it was Sunday both of them were at home. On working days both went to the office and cooking is not convenient on that day. “Why did you waste Rs.10?” Argument continued. The boy said that his mother had done something good only.

The father advised, “Whatever it is even something very good, we should take it less than required only. Excess is not required, however good it may be.” This lesson got engraved in the child’s mind.

He began bringing things in the right quantity. Some days later his exams began. He knew the replies to all the 5 questions in the Maths paper. But, he completed only 3 sums. Even in subsequent papers he did the same.

When the report card came, he got only 65% marks. He regularly obtained 95-98%. He showed the report card very happily to his father saying that he would be very happy. The man almost hit his child seeing the teacher’s remarks that the child was losing interest in studies.

The child ran to his mother when his father came to hit him. She pacified the man and asked the kid what happened to his marks. The child explained that his father had said even if it is a very good thing we have to take a little less only. That is why I replied to only 3 questions out of 5. The father was stunned!


Everybody surrounding us laughed when they heard this story and they said that parents should be careful what they tell their children and explain to them whenever required. The 2 children were very happy. Mom got up to leave. The kids asked, “Grandma when will you come back?”

Mom told them, “Hospital is not the right place for us to meet repeatedly. Pray to God that we meet at a park.”


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A double post-graduate (MSc. - Botany and MA - English Literature) Gayatri T Rao is a Senior Multimedia Journalist with vast experience in writing on varied topics.

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