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I Saw (Part II)

The boys were Muslims. Further he said that he has a Hindu sister, for whom he was saving money for the Rakhi day. Mom asked him, how the Rakhi tying began as far as he was concerned.


He replied that before his mother had got married she was tying rakhi to her neighbor. Now, that neighbor is not there in this country. But, during the festival, his mother remembers him.

He also said that it was his mother’s opinion that once the brother-sister relationship had been established, how would the equation change? He said that he learnt it from his mother and boldly he gets the rakhi tied from his sister.

Mom asked him, why his own brother said that he had stolen the money? He replied that he had the habit of lying and said big lies. Their mother had found it out and the treatment for the same was going on.

He also told us a story: One boy had the habit of stealing pencil, eraser, pen, etc. When his mother asked him about it, he would reply that he found those things on the ground. He grew older and stole a geometry box. Slowly, books and notebooks began to be brought by him to his home.

He did not complete his school education. So, his mother got him the job of a servant in the same house, where she was working. One day, the boy stole the precious jewelry from that house and was caught by the police.

When the boy was questioned by the magistrate, why he had stolen; the boy replied that his mother was responsible for the theft. The magistrate asked him how that could be. The boy replied that when he had stolen the first time, she had not censured him. Even after several thefts by him, she did not stop him. Thus, he cultivated the bad habit and could not control himself.


The same thing pertains to Our Lady of Intolerance and her husband. She opens our door, when we are not in and steals from us. She lies about us. She backbites about us. She spreads ridiculous rumors about us. Above all, not knowing her own fault, she keeps making fun of us. She has pushed us in such a bad condition, financially and health-wise, through black magic and she makes fun of us for our condition. A notorious character like her will not be present in the entire world. Her 2 children are worse than her. If her parents had brought her up properly, would she have been like this? Thank God, this woman was not close by during my childhood!

To be continued…


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