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We keep Golu if time permits – Brinda Rao

Today, we are going to share Navaratri insights from a cousin of mine, Brinda Rao. Brinda Akka is the daughter of my paternal aunt, who was responsible for my parents getting married.

When did you start keeping Golu?

I have seen it being kept at home since childhood. Now, I keep Golu if time permits.

Brinda Rao

What inspired you to begin the activity?

My inspiration to keep Golu was beautiful toys and the grand celebration, which are a part of the festival. Above all, the spiritual feelings create enthusiasm to celebrate the festival wholeheartedly. We receive God’s blessings during this special occasion. Life is full of thrill. But, nothing of that is like invoking God through our prayers.

Any message for keeping Golu during coronavirus pandemic and lockdown?

The power of your inner soul is the power of the Almighty. Keep it alive through your good ethical thoughts. Continue to keep your spiritual beliefs. Corona is not a supreme power. God will protect us.

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