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Dimple Patel

2016 gives India a Miss Globe, Before Leaving!

While she shines the tiara of Miss India, Dimple Patel was crowned The Miss Globe 2016 during the finals of the pageant in Tirana, Albania by last year’s winner Ann Colis from Philippines. A total stunner she is, she thanked each and everyone for their kind messages and wishes. Dimple completed her graduation from R. D. National College. She is a model and a well-known face In the Indian fashion industry.

Dimple Patel
Dimple Patel

Where were you born? Tell us about your childhood.

I was born in Mumbai and have been blessed by a loving family since childhood. As a kid I was very active as far as participation in school activities was concerned and was a bright student by God’s grace. My parents have been my motivation as a kid and it’s because of their upbringing that I am what I am today.

What do you think the future holds for you?

I am a person who expects the least and goes with the flow. But I can say one thing that I will see myself much more happier than what I am today as this is something I believe and follow. According to me, if you have achieved happiness, you have achieved everything.

Dimple Patel
Dimple Patel

After Miss Globe, is Bollywood far behind?

As of now, it’s too early for me to say anything on that as I am too busy with fulfilling my responsibilities as the Miss Globe 2016. May be I would land in Bollywood after completing my reign. Bollywood is a beautiful industry where you get to connect with the audience directly and it feels amazing when your work is appreciated by the audience.

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