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Noise is Good
Noise is Good

Noise is Good – Part 8B

Today, we are posting the eighth B of the 8-part murder mystery – Noise is Good. It became a trifle longer than expected. There is one more sub-part after this. So, stay tuned! You can refer to the eighth A sub-part here.


Part 8B

Jadhav was alerted by the word suicide. He had never mentioned this word to Pramesh. So, he told the man over the phone, “Pramesh, Pooja is responsible for your wife’s death. We just need your help to confirm that it was her. Come back, immediately.”
“I have a rail reservation of the day after tomorrow. I will cancel that and take a private cab to come by tomorrow afternoon or evening.”
Jadhav told him, “We have kept Pooja under vigilance. You have to come and help us prepare the case against her. So, hurry up.”
Nitya knew that Pramesh had not left the city. So, she told the police to spread the dragnet for the killer that night itself. By then, Nitya had convinced Jadhav that they would also help the police to catch the real killer. Jadhav had allowed Pooja to join them because she was the only one, among them, who could identify Pramesh. Nitya and the police had spread the word throughout the social media that Vageshwari was alive and that she would soon reveal the identity of the person, who had tried to kill her.
To convince Pramesh, they had his daughter call him again and tell him about it. She said, “During postmortem, the doctors found that Mom was alive. They hospitalized her and brought her back when she insisted that she wanted to come home. Mom is very weak. She hasn’t told anything as yet about who tried to kill her.”
Pramesh told his daughter, “I am very happy. I want to fly home. But, the cab will take some time to reach there. Stay with your brother in the other bedroom and let your mother rest. I will come there and take care of everything.”
All calls to him were recorded. Then at night, they had placed some pillows over the bed and covered them with a bedsheet. It looked like someone was sleeping on it. Pramesh had fallen into the trap and had come to kill Vageshwari, once and for all.
During the questioning, Pramesh said that Vageshwari was making his life dreadful by her nagging. Vageshwari had been holding everybody living in the building at ransom by threatening suicide. Pramesh had realized the truth about Pooja’s family, who had reached this level by their own hard work. This was confirmed by detective engagements, 3 times over a period of time.
Vageshwari was jealous of Pooja and her family because they were well educated and lived their life following their own principles and the moral values that they had been brought up with. They also isolated themselves from gossip and other such negative activities. Pooja, being younger, had access to several facilities and comforts that Vageshwari did not have. Vageshwari held her husband responsible for the poverty they were experiencing. She wanted to show that they were richer and belonged to a higher social status than Pooja’s family through an artificial show of it.
Pramesh could not deal with it anymore and killed his wife using Pooja’s dupatta, which was one of the stuff, they had stolen from the next flat. He also left the pendrive, nearby, to throw the suspicion on Pooja. Their teenage son had stolen the pendrive for himself, but could not use it when he had plugged it into his school computer because it was locked by her. Pramesh wanted to save himself from being prosecuted and wanted his children to survive without his wife’s nagging. He knew that Pooja would not be convicted because they had a good lawyer and thought that they would leave the flat, after the incident. And the case would be closed as a suicide. Then, he would be able to live peacefully. This was a result of his wife’s criminal training.
Pramesh was sitting in front of the police on a chair, confessing his crime. He took a chance and ran out of the flat!

To be continued…


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