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Shani Dev

Shani Amavasya (Part II)

Today, we are sharing information on Shani Worship.


On any Amavasya, special Shani worship is performed. On Shani Amavasya, it gains all the more importance. In temples, abhishekams are performed by not only the priests but also the devotees, especially; those people, who have Shani dasha, if the planet Saturn is weak, if they are undergoing 7 ½ years or 2 ½ years of Shani period.

Shani Dev

Mainly, sesame seeds are donated to Brahmins. Some people are also told to donate sesame seeds or black udad wrapped in a black cloth, with dakshina. Bhandara or Annadana is performed with vegetarian dishes having sesame seeds and black udad. Black or blue dhoti and dhotra are donated to priests, Brahmins, poor people or beggars. If differently-abled people are given this stuff, we get all the more grace of Shani Dev.

Garlands made from 108 lemons are offered to Shani Dev. 8 lemons are juiced and the rinds are inverted to be used as lamps with sesame or mustard oil. A mud lamp with 4 sides is used to light either sesame oil or mustard oil or both. 8 cloves are dropped into it and lighted on all the 4 sides.

Some astrologers recommend the use of iron ring without joint after horoscope consultation. The ring is dropped in a steel bowl with mustard oil. Then, the Shani Mantra is chanted. The ring is wiped off the oil and worn on the middle finger of the left hand. We have to look at our image in the oil and the oil is either poured into the lamps in temples or donated to priests. The best flowers to be offered to Shani Dev is blue colored. Cloves are also offered to Him.

There is more to this day than meets the eye. We will share more information in the next post.

To be continued…


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