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Outcome of Parents’ Advice

7-year old Vajresh had got zero in 5 subjects and 1-2 marks in other subjects. His father scolded him for getting less marks. His mother hugged him.
The boy’s grandmother said, “Why are you scolding your son? He will be like you only. You failed in 5th std. and your wife in 8th. Don’t scold him. Stop his education and teach him some skill.”
The mother said, “Let him study at least till 8th std. If he works hard he will succeed.”
After sometime the father saw that his son’s books were lying everywhere and even shoes were kept near them. He told his son, “Arrange your books properly. Keep shoes away from the books. Work hard. Then, only you will pass.”
Later his mother came along and said, “Keep your books according to time table and work hard. You will succeed.”
The grandmother told him to remove the dust in the bookshelves and work hard.
After sometime the grandmother told him to cover his books with yellow and green cloths and work hard, then, he would pass.
The mother came and told him, “Work hard again and again, you will definitely pass.”
The boy did all the things his family said and did it repeatedly but did not study. While he was going for his exams, his parents asked him if he had done hard work. He replied that he had done hard work 10 ttimes. He again got zero marks in all subjects!


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