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The Birthday Gift

It was Parth’s birthday. Parth, who was called Fart by his friends, received a copy of the Bhagavad Geeta from the old lady in the neighboring house.
Soon, it was the old lady’s birthday and Parth gave her a Hardy Boys novel. On being asked by his friend, “Why are you giving this book to her? She is much older than you.”
He replied, “She did not think about my age, when she gave me Bhgavad Geeta. Why should I care about her age, when I am giving her the gift?”
Some days later, the boy got a letter in his name – Parth (Fart) by courier. It said, “I got this Hardy Boys book as a result of the Karma I did by giving you Bhagavad Geeta. One of the main characters in Mahabharata was Arjuna, who is also called Parth. I gave you Bhagavad Geeta so that you become like Arjuna. This book is a result of the arrow that you sent. I had not found this particular book as a child to read. Now, I got to read it. With that knowledge, I could write 4 novels for children. Thank you very much!”
Parth’s friend read this letter and told him, “This is the hardest slap that an old woman can give you. This is the result of your Karma.”
And the friend took away the Bhagavad Geeta saying, “At 17, a teenager can very well read Bhagavad Geeta. You read this book of alphabets.”
Thus it is said, “Dane dane pe khane wale ka naam likha hai.”

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