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Radha got a Call from Someone

Good Sometimes Comes out of Evil! (Part VII)

Radha did not want to give up on her dreams that she had seen with Dev. She went to his office, the next day, but was not allowed to meet him as he was busy. She left a message and returned to her office and went on to complete her work. She kept trying his number. His cell would always be switched off. When she would try his office number, his secretary insisted that he could not take the call. This continued for a few days. Therefore, Mrs. Mathur took things into her own hands. She wrote a letter to Dev’s mother enclosing a copy of the matched horoscopes insisting that Radha would never be a burden neither to her parents nor to her husband, thanks to Dev. She thought rather than a phone call, the letter would give more food.

Radha got a Call from Someone
Radha Kept Trying Dev’s Number

Within a week, a reply came from Dev’s father that Dev hadn’t told him anything. How ridiculous could people get! Dev and Radha had been in love, he had proposed and asked her and her parents to meet his folks and he hadn’t said a word to his father! Radha couldn’t believe it since Dev had heaped a lot of praises about his father and the good relationship he had with him, on her.
Radha tried again to get in touch with him. But, she couldn’t get through since he had got transferred to Bangalore!
To be continued…


About Yashaswini K

Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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