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Hiring for Different Job-Profiles
Hiring for Different Job-Profiles

Good Sometimes Comes out of Evil! (Part VIII)

Radha tried again to get in touch with Mahadevan. But, she couldn’t get through since he had got transferred to Bangalore!


“How mean! He did not inform me,” Radha sobbed into her mother’s bosom. She had been crying for some time now. She was an emotional wreck.

“Try to forget him. You don’t have any other alternative. At least, do it for your own sake. He is in his family’s clutches because of a mistake done years ago. His parents need his money since their younger son is not working. Though there are several things the younger son can do, he is not doing them for some reason. They cannot tolerate their first son’s happiness. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mother was the reason why his first wife left him.”

“But, his mother and brother were so good to me.”

“When I talked to his brother, he appeared to be genuinely interested in his brother’s happiness. Probably, he is not the culprit. May be only his parents are.”

“But, why me?” Radha asked, pathetically.

“Why not you? Count your blessings. He hasn’t left you with nothing. He has nurtured your talents. You can use it to your advantage, can’t you?”

Radha took some time to come out of her depression and accept the situation. She left her job since the office would remind her of him.

She took up animation seriously and took a course in it to sharpen her skills. Then, she acquired the help of her tutor to set her up with an animation company. Her institute had ensured that she got much hands-on experience with computer professionals. She had got enough expertise in the field to establish an independent setup.

Even 5 years and a very well-established business later, Radha could not forget Mahadevan and would instantly remember him every time she saw a computer screen. But, the recollection was without the pinch somewhere on the left side of her chest. Like today, she was looking at her PC monitor with a lot of affection. She was working on a project on computer animation and had created a character called Dev, which her clients loved. This character was a replica of her Dev, she still considered him hers, at least, his memories were hers; from the outside. But from the inside, it was the clear opposite. This Dev had all the characteristics she would have loved to have in her Dev.

The man, who had come to meet her, was Mahadevan
The man, who had come to meet her, was Mahadevan

Right then, her secretary entered her cabin with a visiting card. One look at the card, she stiffened and her eyes opened wide.

“Bring him in with respect,” Radha told the other girl. As the door opened, she stood up with respect for the man she had loved with all her heart.

Dev looked at her with undisguised astonishment, he muttered, “Radha? I didn’t know… How come? Oh my God!”

“Please be seated,” she requested with calm politeness. Obviously, he had come on business, whatever it was. If she took on his job, she would need to collaborate with him. His proximity would rekindle all the latent emotions inside her. At this stage of her career, she could not afford to get involved with him again and go back into depression. It was very ungrateful of her, but, one failed affair with a man, who did not know his own mind was enough to last a lifetime of unhappiness.

Besides, she had promised her South Indian husband of 2 years to be on time for dinner at the newest restaurant in town! With him would be her parents-in-law. Her husband’s father was a renowned astrologer and believed that if his future was strong enough, then, he did not have to worry about his daughter-in-law’s horoscope, Moolam or not!

Disclaimer: All photographs used in this Fiction Series are only for representation.


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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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