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A Query to Mom

There is a proverb in Hindi – Jab gidad ki maut aati hai toh woh sheher ki taraf daudta hai. I asked my Mom, “Why do people say this proverb?”


Actually, one interpretation is that people living in cities are worse than animals. Secondly, there is a proverb in Sanskrit – Vinashakale vipareeta buddhi. (When there is going to be destruction, people think they are smart.)

Mom said that she would tell me the story grandad would say:

A creak meets a jungle at one place. There a small crocodile lies injured. The Ayurvedic doctor’s young son brings the crocodile home. His father treats the crocodile and tells his son to leave it back in the sea. The boy keeps the crocodile in a nearby pond, so that he could play with it.

The pond does not contain enough fish to sustain the crocodile. This boy brings fish from the sea to the pond for consumption by the crocodile. The crocodile grows larger than the boy and the food that is thrown in for it is not enough for it.

The boy paints on the crocodile’s back. One day, the boy gets hurt and bleeds. The crocodile licks the blood and likes the taste.

The next day, the crocodile again smells fresh blood in his wound and bites the boy. The crocodile eats half of the body of the boy. When the villagers see this, they drive the crocodile away and inform the boy’s father. The father takes the remaining parts of the boy’s body crying.

The crocodile runs into a nearby canal. There people look at it’s colorful back and enjoy. They also keep giving it food. There is a female crocodile as well in the canal. The 2 begin a family there and live happily.

To be continued…


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