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Sanjay Mishra With His Wife Kiran and Children

Sanjay Mishra Talks about His Wedding

Sanjay Mishra, erstwhile seen in comic roles only, has played the lead in the black comedy Saare Jahan Se Mehenga, a satire on inflation currently prevalent in our country. Sanjay got married to Kiran on September 28, 2009. He insists that his love story was arranged by God. This is what he said about rest of the things connected to his wedding.


When He Said Yes to Her: My story is slightly different. I did not want to get married. I am an actor, who sees life in a different way. I have always been the proverbial rolling stone. But it is said that at some point in our life we need someone close. I realized that when my father expired. But to decide that a person would be perfect for you is not in the hands of mere human beings. My grandmother would say in those days, first we got married and then we fell in love. I liked this concept. I don’t know how much Kiran likes me. But I have to adapt myself to the way she wants me to be. If you bring someone in the age of 44-45 and expect them to be like I want, it is not possible. So I changed myself the way she wanted. This is because before marriage, when I would go home, there used to be no one with whom I could speak about things other than movies and shoots. She gave me 2 cute little daughters. I love children. Then I realized that the decision I made was right. (He did not divulge any further information on how he got her alliance, even after much prodding!) Kiran is from Uttarakhand and belongs to a very different world, altogether. Only God makes us meet our special person. How He does it is up to Him.

Marital Journey: Like I said before, we belong to two different worlds. I make people laugh all through the day. But when I am alone I am always serious. I silently read books during leisure. I meet so many people during the day. When Kiran waits for me, she might think that I am the same Sanjay Mishra, who is seen on TV. So I have to conserve some energy to be with my family. Previously I used to decorate everything in my home according to what I liked. But now I have to give way to her liking. I live like a tenant in my own home now. When I am alone, I even cook. Now she is there and takes care of these things. Initially I was uncomfortable, but I had to be careful, otherwise she would not talk to me for 3-4 days. Therefore, my friend Saurabh Shukla, told me to live like a tenant at home and adjust myself accordingly. That would solve all the problems. This mantra has helped me a lot. Particularly, when my wife was having her first delivery, she had to undergo a caesarian section; I thought why it had to be so. I actually did not want the child at that moment. I could not bear the pain that my wife was undergoing. I wanted to rewind everything back, like in the movies. After sometime, I got to know that she had given birth to a daughter. Thus my attention was diverted to her for some time. My journey from 2009 to now is that it was at the right time that my daughter came to share our lives and our love. She brought us closer to each other due to her antics. Now when my second child has come, the relationship between the four of us will brighten our life once again. I always think of my family, when I am shooting in town or outdoors.

Song Describing Their Marital Journey: I like this very old song, Chupalo dil mein yun pyar mera ke jaise mandir mein lao diye ki… (Mamtaa-1966). This song covers my wife as well as my entire family. (He actually sang this Hemant Kumar-Lata Mangeshkar song for my benefit!) When my daughter gets older, this song will be an anthem for our family.

The Wedding: I belong to Bihar and she is from Uttarakhand. We got married in the temple which has been built within the lake Bhimtal. We followed their rituals. We enjoyed a lot. But my hair had already started graying and I am against hair colours. All my relatives compelled me to dye my locks. They threatened me that they would come to the marriage wearing only shorts! (Laughs)

Dependence: There are some things for which I am dependent on her, while for others she is dependent on me. She is dependent on me financially, while emotionally I am dependent on her.

Qualities: I am the moon and she is the sun. That’s the difference between us. She has the qualities I don’t have.

Marriage Changes You: Yes. Previously, when I would get a break of 15 minutes I would go for a drive in my car. Now I have become a family man and I concentrate on home.

One Thing You Would Like to Change About Your Marriage: During our marriage, she came very late to the mandap. I would like her to come earlier than she did then. Due to that we had lunch late at 4.30 PM. I would like it better that both of them would come together.

Good Husband or Better Actor/Director: I am a better actor and director. (He directed a film called Pranam Valekum.) You should ask this question to Kiran, rather than me.

One word for marriage: Necessity.

Her Best Gift to You: My daughters.

Your Best Gift to Her: I feel that I am rather selfish. Even when I buy her a watch, it is a watch for men. (Laughs) I recently bought a new home for her.


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