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Summer Make-Up

Summer Make-Up

By Gunjan Gaur


Summer’s here, so is the sunshine and its colors. Be it yellow, orange or red, every hue of the sun is in fashion these days and is here to stay for long. Summers, despite being considered as an “evil” season, also gives a chance to experiment with looks. These bright colours can be worn from head to toe from clothes to accessories and it will add more glamour, during this summer season. Besides, despite excessive sweating and perspiration, during late night parties in this season, gives us a chance to look our very best. One should prefer and go with on-going trend while applying make-up.

Night Make-Up: Sometimes plans are made randomly and one finds it a little difficult to go to a night party if not well prepared. The question is how to go about the right make-up. Here we suggest quick and easy tips to make your night ready make-up.

Wipe It Off: Often in a minute, we tend to mess up with our make-up, which is already there (like kohl liner, etc.) with no requirement to wash off your face. The cleaning of your face can be instead done by fresh, wet tissues that too in less than a minute. So, before you head out, try to remove all the dirt and filth off your skin by using handy effective wipes that work well, which act both as a cleanser and toner for the skin; while keeping your lip/eye make-up intact as newly applied.

A Tint of Moisturizer: It’s impossible to save the elegance of the face after long and hectic working hours. So, a tinted moisturizer will be useful by infusing a healthy glow on skin and hiding all the little flaws. You can also opt for matte-based ones that will make the face instantly pop up by giving out a healthy shine. BB cream is one such product which absorbs excess oil and also hides acne scars making a person party-ready.

Pouty Red: As you are already up with your eye makeup; you can flaunt your pouty lips by applying a bright shade for your lips. Try rustic or neon shades of red depending upon your skin-tone to stand out of the crowd. As, crimsons are in trend these days, they would fulfill your fashion urges; by complimenting with both your conventional and contemporary look.

Day Make-Up: Ladies have always been stunning but a little make-up during the day can make your day. But of course, make-up is also important to complete the overall look. Along with the added jewelry and gorgeous dress, the make-up should not be ignored. It is very important to know what would suit the taste and skin tone. The make-up should not be overdone and should naturally enhance the radiance of the lady.

The main stress here would be on the contouring and highlighting the features of the face. The make-up should be a little light during the day. So, applying the base makeup, i.e. moisturizer followed by concealer and foundation can make you look gorgeous. Also, just give a smooth touch on the face, under the eyes, eyes lids, lips, chin, forehead and cheeks making the overall look appealing. There is no requirement of dark lipsticks, so only gloss can be applied on the lips as a better option. But of course, play with light eye make-up with a touch of silver underneath the eyebrows.

About Gunjan Gaur: The author is one of India’s best permanent make-up experts. She is also a celebrity make-up expert and Executive Director of ALPS Cosmetic Clinics and Academies.

Gunjan Gaur
Gunjan Gaur

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