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The Real Mission

The Real Mission Review

About the Author: A.H. is the pen name of author Pooja Addla Hari whose debut novel is The Real Mission. A passionately ambitious human who was born and brought up in Chennai, she is also an avid reader, speaker, science and tech enthusiast and music lover. She loves to integrate various areas of interest to constantly create new ideas. She also aspires to become a social entrepreneur in the field of clean energy and waste management and contribute to sustainable development.


About the Book: Are you someone who wants to never go to work and still be rich or are you the hardworking ant that despises the lazy and idle grasshopper? Can you not imagine a life without your phone or are you in an eternal relationship with your bike? (Bike is bae, they say) OR are you a Mother who can no longer bear with your children’s behaviour and want to quit and runaway from everything? No matter who you are, you’re not alone. Find out how Karan, Karuna, Sandheep and Sandhana learn things the hard way, lose all those that mean the most to them and in the end, understand life or… do they?

Our Take: Karan, Karuna, Sandheep and Sadhana are teenage siblings. They are the typical boisterous teenagers of these times giving a tough time for their mother. Karan is a college student as well as a biker, but a loner. Sandheep, his younger brother, on the other hand is a social butterfly. The siblings lived together in the same house, but lived separate lives. First to realize the flaw in their family, Sandheep tries to fix the broken relationships. A sudden eventuality hits them hard. Did they overcome the challenge? Did they realize their real mission in life? These and other questions arise and are answered quickly.

The book is not very long and good for light reading. But there is something I could not comprehend. Often the author talks from her perspective and informs us about how she knows the characters. At first glance it is difficult to understand who she is talking about when she says I. During these times I had to re-read the relevant paragraphs to understand what she was saying. Either she should blatantly use her point-of-view. Or I would suggest that she should refrain from such association in future. Otherwise the plot and the narration seem to be fine.

Book Title: The Real Mission.

Genre(s): Teen Fiction, Family Drama.

Author: Pooja Addla Hari

Publisher (Year): Notion Press. (2015).

ISBN: 978-93-84878-38-2.

Number of Pages: 142.

Price: Rs.185/-.


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