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Murdered to Moksha Review

About the Book: A selfish, ruthless murderer, a husband who did away a 10 yr old girl’s mother and then attempted a suicide. Why? Financial problems? – no. Disputes with wife? – no. Mentally unstable? – no. Then, why? He was a murderer until… Murdered to Moksha is about a ...

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The Service Review

About the Author: He was the eyes and ears of the Chief Minister, a former Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Now, 13 years post his retirement, IAS Officer N Viswanathan has brought out his all-revealing book about the inner workings of the bureaucracy. About the Book: The ...

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The Moon Waxes and Wanes Review

About The Author: Vishesh Kalimero, the author of The Moon Waxes and Wanes is a much traveled man. He says traveling is “a way of life for him”. He has spent the last 6 years traveling in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, West Asia, Europe and Latin America. He never took ...

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The Real Mission Review

About the Author: A.H. is the pen name of author Pooja Addla Hari whose debut novel is The Real Mission. A passionately ambitious human who was born and brought up in Chennai, she is also an avid reader, speaker, science and tech enthusiast and music lover. She loves to integrate ...

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Shiva Trilogy Review

When I sourced this triple novel saga from the author, I did not know how involved I would become with it, though initially the story did not interest me. About the Author: Born in Mumbai, he graduated from St Xavier’s College in Mumbai with a B.Sc. in Mathematics. Post that, ...

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