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Pre-exam Disasters
Pre-exam Disasters

Pre-exam Disasters

Today, A Journalist Reveals wants to bring forth to the readers some information about pre-exam disasters. We would request the readers to read through carefully and be alert.

Pre-exam Disasters:

Last Thursday, as usual, we had been to the hospital for Dad’s follow-up with a doctor. We met this 10th std. student – Shivam Singh – at the hospital. The previous night, he had an accident and had fractured his left arm. One bone had broken and overridden the other! His exams are round the corner and he wanted to take a break from the studies, the previous evening. He had gone out for a stroll and had stumbled on an iron rod near a gutter. When he had returned home, the parents had dillydallied going to the hospital. They landed at the place the next morning. As a result, the precious hours had elapsed and the boy had been in extreme pain.


Shivam’s injury was in his left arm and he writes with his right hand. But, not all will be that lucky. So, during such situations, either the injured student drops out of the exams that year. Or the parents hire a writer. Most hired writers help for the money and we cannot expect them to write answers correctly, as the student tells them. However, there could be some smart kids, who would help the student in such a way that they would write the answers in the correct way, in spite of the student giving the wrong answer. My nephew (I am so proud of him) helped such students thrice when he was in school and did not do it for money. The students got good marks and my nephew accumulated good Karma. As a result, my nephew got more than 90% in his 10 std. and 12th std. finals.

Pre-exam Disasters
Shivam Singh

Take Care:

These kinds of pre-exam disasters happen regularly. You will ask – Why do they happen so often? Some people might blame evil eyes. However, A Journalist Reveals decided to analyze this scientifically.

Let us take Shivam’s case –

  1. The absence of light in the area Shivam decided to go to was the first indicator of the disaster.
  2. Shivam going to that dark place was his mistake and the second indicator. Parents should tell their children to avoid dark places – exams or no exams.
  3. The third indicator was the presence of the iron rod. Why did not the municipal corporation make sure that such rods are not left unattended? What made people not inform the municipal corporation about these things? Why do some buildings discard rusted and broken iron pieces within their premises? The disaster was waiting to happen.
  4. Why did the parents not take their son to the hospital immediately after the accident? They had come to the emergency or the casualty ward. This ward is open 24/7.
  5. There are several things that parents should inform their children and not wait for too busy teachers to reveal them. Such disasters are some of them.
  6. Before I spoke to Shivam, I heard his mother speaking to someone over the phone, “Pata nahin kya ho raha hai. (I don’t know what is happening.)” That’s the limit of uneducated ignorance and carelessness of a mother! I thought people particularly uneducated ones took care of their sons more their own lives. It was the girl-child that got the cold shoulder.

I want to say one last thing. This is about our neighbor’s daughter, who is also giving her 10th std. exams. Morning and evening she studies the cuss words that her mother teaches her to use for us. But, while going out she has her books open as she walks. Her friend, who was with her at that time, was surprised at this girl. If she is so studious, she must get 1000% marks. That would prompt the attention of all media. If she does not appear in the news, then it is obvious that she hasn’t earned that much marks. Her brother created a hype of bagging 82% and is just a diploma holder (who knows he passed or not). This girl might just say that she got 83% when she bags 38%.

Who knows she continues to look at her book all the way to wherever she is going or not? Besides, if she continues this way not looking where she is going, she is bound to bang against an oncoming vehicle. That’s another thing students should avoid. Whatever happens, our neighbors are criminals enough to get the vehicle owner behind bars, for the girl’s mistake. But, this might not work for other students and they might end up in the hospital like Shivam did or…

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