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Babita Garg from Sanguine Communications
Babita Garg from Sanguine Communications

Sanguine Communications – Getting Your Reputation Right

I have been getting contacts of different types of people, over the years. All in a day’s work. One of these has been Babita Garg. She is the owner of the enterprise – Sanguine Communications Group. Her job is to rectify any reputation issues plaguing her clients. Sanguine Communications Group is a pioneer in the field. Here, she replies to some questions posed by A Journalist Reveals regarding her enterprise and her clients:

What is your enterprise all about?

Sanguine Communications Group in an Online Reputation Strategy and a Digital Consulting Agency based out of UAE and India. We pride ourselves to be one of the leaders offering innovative & Guaranteed Digital Solutions that are effective and efficient means to re-establish lost ground.

Sanguine leads the industry by setting new benchmarks consistently by serving everyone from Fortune 500 companies, Business houses, MNCs/SME’s, Luxury hotels, Business Colleges to high profile Individuals.

We pride ourselves to be tending our services nationally and internationally to politicians, bureaucrats, athletes and celebrities.

Is it the only one of its type?

Yes, we have been one of the initiators of these types of services in India and among the top 3 reputation strategy firms in India. Three years ago we took the same on an international level by serving the European sector by opening an office in the UAE.

What inspired you to start your enterprise?

A new industry requirement definitely but we have been experimenting with upcoming trends and technologies in the field of cyber laws and security, hence the birth of this new venture. What acted as a catalyst in this was a lot of my clients were bogged down by scrupulous content available about them and finding no solutions to address the situation.

When was it conceived?

We started with the first project in 2013 when we were helping a 60-year-old columnist get rid of unwanted stories about him.

Pls. share in a few words your journey from its conception till now.

The journey has been quite eventful, with each case the team has experimented with out of box ideas, mixed it with countrywide cyber laws and delivered impeccable results to our clients. What is overwhelming is the trust that we have developed with our clients worldwide. The best part of this world is that we are learning and open to new ideas on the table to address new challenges.

What is your support system?

My network and my tech teams have been my support system.

What do you see in the near future?

We are changing the dynamics of digital perception by enabling people to achieve the future they want!

Any inspiring words for new startups?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” said Eleanor Roosevelt and I completely second the thought.  It is imperative to dream big, aim bigger, follow your heart and continuously challenge your limits by setting new goals.

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