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Dog Phobia
Dog Phobia

Dog Phobia

People genuinely interested in caring for animals would be interested to know about an incident that happened recently. A Journalist Reveals’ editor Yashaswini was queried by someone about caring for dogs and even dog phobia. For the scientifically inclined, dog phobia is also called Cynophobia.

Dog Phobia:

Not everybody likes animals. But, children get attracted to them. Somebody told Yashaswini about the following incident and asked her for a solution. Read on to know what she did:

But, first things first – let me narrate the incident –

An 8-year-old boy, Ajay, got down from the school bus with his friend. His mother and his friend’s mother took turns bringing the kids home from the drop-point. That day, it was the turn of his friend’s mother. Just before the bus had arrived an out-of-control car had crushed 3 suckling puppies and their mother on the footpath. A 4th puppy had been thrown away due to the force of the run-away car.

Ajay kept looking at the little kinless dog and wanted to take it home. But, his friend’s mother tried to dissuade him. Ajay did not budge from there. So, his friend’s mother went to Ajay’s mother and told her what had happened. Ajay’s mother came to bring him home. But, Ajay insisted that he wanted the puppy. At last, his mother told him to bring it home, but keep it outside the house. But, she warned him that they would need the permission of the families living in other flats of the building to keep the dog.

Ajay’s parents owned the entire building and lived in the 2 adjacent flats on the ground floor. His mother told him to have a look at the dog any time he wanted. He would run to look at the puppy very frequently. The family living on the first floor was close friends of Ajay’s family. The lady became compassionate about the dog and came down with a feeding bottle full of milk. She told Ajay to feed his little friend with it.

It was this lady, who contacted Yashaswini through mutual friends, regarding this issue. Yashaswini immediately contacted me and said, “Put this into Aunty’s computer brain and we will get a solution.”


Mom suggested, “Do not crush the desire of little Ajay. Ajay wants to help the little dog. He has his heart in the right place. You don’t need the permission of others to keep animals at home unless it causes destruction any which way to the people and property. Give the dog some space in the balcony. First, take it in a small airy plastic basket to a vet, so that it gets the right vaccinations and medicines if needed. They will also clean it. Give it some potty training.”

Here are a couple of videos on how to do it:

Mom also added, “You need to take care of the dog more than you do a little baby. If you take the dog out to defecate, remove the excrement and dispose of it, in an environmentally safe manner. Our neighbors have a new dog every few days. They discarded one because ‘it has a black face’. I wonder if they did not know this when they had brought the dog home. They make the dogs defecate in the premises of our building and cover it with mud with cement. This will not only cause pollution but also spread many diseases caused by the microorganisms in the feces.”

To be continued…

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