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Indian Sentiments on Pulwama Attack
Indian Sentiments on Pulwama Attack

Indian Sentiments on Pulwama Attack

February 14, 2019, will be written with red letters in the History of India – red letters made from the blood of the security personnel attacked by a suicide bomber at Pulwama. Here, we share the Indian Sentiments on Pulwama Attack.

Pulwama Attack:

Post the Pulwama Attack, leaving out the internal supporters of the enemy, the entire nation woke up to the reality of the disaster and peacefully protested against it. This incident was very like the method they used to accomplish the Pulwama Attack. They had killed 41 army personnel. Out of them, one was a Major, who was going to be married in March. He had gone to give out invites to his wedding.

Another Major and 3 soldiers were killed during the encounter with the masterminds. The Major had married only 10 months ago. He was about to visit his family during his marriage anniversary. His wife shouted, “I love you” and “Bharat Mata ki Jay” while bidding farewell to him. Patriots shed tears of blood and acid. If the armed forces are the kids of Bharat Mata, this gutsy lady is the DIL. We salute this lady. Other mothers should reach out to these bereaved families and send their sons to wipe the tears of those who have lost their sons.

Indian Sentiments on Pulwama Attack:

The Pulwama Attack not only shocked the civilians, but it also shook up the strong community of the armed forces.  It was an act of cowardice. Sandeep Dangi shared this video on Facebook through his friend Anil Sharma. They are my Mom’s true sons and more than real brothers for me. We are sharing the original video with you here.

This day, Mom and I regret having called some filth as a brother. Our readers know the torture we are going through in our residential building. Our armed forces personnel have proved beyond doubt that they are our true brothers. We send out our blessings and good wishes to them.

Karma catches up with you. The masterminds of the attack were blasted in an offensive operation by the Indian protectors.

Brothers and sisters, go to the front. Kill every single enemy with better working strategies and return triumphantly, ALIVE! I wish I could join you. But, my parents are old and ill. We live in a building infested with internal terrorists and traitors of India. Otherwise, they would not try to kill people trying to do good to the society. If I leave my parents here, our neighbors will kill them without anybody knowing. Previously, the neighbors had been stealing stuff from our house in our absence. After killing my parents, the neighbors would have stolen all the remaining stuff at home. We are also fighting a similar war on a local basis. We belong to a patriotic family. Mom has taught me to be brave. She says, “If you are good and true, you need not be afraid of anything. When you encounter frustrating situations due to tortures from our neighbors, remember Nirbhaya. Lies fly off. The truth remains strongly grounded.”

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