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Ratha Saptami (Part II)

Below the color rangoli, a lotus of 8 petals can also be made in a round shape. Auspicious signs like Om, Swastik, Kumbha, shankha chakra, Garuda, parrot and peacock can be drawn and performed at least panchopachara pooja
In some homes of Karnataka, the week after Ratha Saptami, till the next Sunday is celebrated as Ratha Saptami week.

Rangoli of Ratha
Rangoli of Ratha

Sun made mud or copper is hung in an open space, as well. They also hang a picture of the Sun God sitting on a 7 horsed chariot. Both are decorated with flower garlands.
Artists may even make a 7 horsed chariot with the Sun God and Arun, the charioteer. It looks very beautiful.
They make prasads of 7 colors and distribute it to guests. We had many small horses at home here, which could have been used by us to be displayed on our terrace. But, you know who stole them.


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