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Ratha Saptami

Makara Sankaranti, which is celebrated for nearly one month, ends with Ratha Saptami. From Ratha Saptami Uttarayana begins. Lord Suryanarayana travels on a ratha with one wheel and 7 horses. According to mythology, the Sun God begins to move towards the North.
Bheeshma Pitmaha of Mahabharata decided to leave for the heavenly abode today. The people surrounding him placed calotropis leaves and some rice all over his body. Thus, yesterday people from Karnataka and Maharashtra placed calotropis leaves and some rice on their shoulders and head before bathing.
Calotropis leaves have medicinal value as well as it emits a kind of positive energy, which is good for our health.


Yesterday, Sun’s colorful rays were powerful. On this day, a chariot rangoli is made on the eastern side of the main door of the house. Nava dhanya (9 grains) as well as spices and other plant products are placed in front of the ratha. It is worshipped with turmeric powder, kumkum, sandalwood powder, rice and flowers.
The naivedyam is havisanna (we will share the recipe some other time). Another naivedyam is milk boiled on coal stove. The milk has to spill over the fire. Ripe banana pieces and jaggery are added to it and offered to the Sun God.
Even a rangoli of 7 colors is made in front of the ratha. The rangoli and the ratha are decorated with flowers of 7 colors and Tulasi leaves.
To be continued…


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