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Dog Phobia – Cynophobia (IInd and Concluding Part)

People genuinely interested in caring for animals would be interested to know more about some care instructions for dogs. A Journalist Reveals’ editor Yashaswini was queried by someone about caring for dogs and even dog phobia. For the scientifically inclined, dog phobia is also called Cynophobia.


Our friend Dr. Maria (Name changed upon request), is a dog-carer, living in a multistoried building on the 7th floor. When a dog barks, people say it is disturbing. But, Maria’s dog does not bark because the family fulfills all its needs and makes sure that it doesn’t bark. Many dogs bark when people ring the door-bell. Maria has trained their dog to silently go and sit in the balcony when the door-bell rings. It does not come into the flat until the visitors leave. This is because some people might have Cynophobia. The people having this phobia can get a heart attack also. A dog is also considered a security asset. But, Maria has a strong security door outside the main door. So, that is not an issue.

They have potty-trained their dog and have a separate urinal for it. The family has also hired a boy to help them with caring for the dog. Each and every time it defecates or urinates, the boy cleans with sterilized water and a sterilized cotton swab. They buy separate shampoo for the dog like they would for a child. A pet animal has to be cleaned thoroughly like humans. Otherwise, when it comes to the owner to be pampered, the microorganisms can be transferred to the human caretaker. Though these diseases may not affect the caretakers due to their high immunity levels, some humans become carriers of these diseases and transfer it to the others.

The dog should be taken for a stroll 2-3 times a day in the open. Maria’s servant fulfills all the dog’s nature’s calls before taking it to the outside for strolling. Maria’s family has mentioned to the building residents the timings when they take the dog for a stroll every day. The boy does not take the dog in the lift. He takes it through the stairs – both up and down. The boy whistles and shouts that the dog is with him as he climbs the stairs. The building people know about the dog. But, this arrangement is for the visitors, who might have Cynophobia. The boy pulls the dog out of mischief’s way when someone comes from the opposite direction.

Every 3 months, they take the dog to the vet, without fail. If there is any behavioral change, they again visit the vet. The dog does not have food if someone in the family is ill and unable to have food. It has to be convinced to have its food. The dog is always found near the ill person with tearful eyes. It is that faithful. Some people use the word dog as a cuss word. They accumulate bad Karma due to this.

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